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After graduating from Drake University with my degree in Digital Media Production, I made photography my full time job. The passion I have for photography runs deep. I have a diverse background in all aspects of shooting.

In the past five years of my career I have been the commercial photographer at Raygun Shirts, done countless projects freelancing while at Drake University, has completed a grant project for the State of Iowa, portraits for the Grammy President of the Midwest and Grammy nominee artist J Ivy, and product photography for National Public Radio (NPR).



My latest project is 'A Home I Never Knew' which is a photo project of a collection of film photos from Tamazulapan, Oaxaca City, and Mexico City taken in December 2020 and January 2021. These photos are very special to me since this was my first time visiting my family in Mexico since I was one year old. Never did I think a place so unfamiliar would feel so much like home. Over 20 years had gone by before I would get to visit Tamazulapan, Oaxaca, Mexico again. Two decades of only seeing this amazing place through photos and videos from my family who I did not really know. I crave for another morning with mi abuela just so I could eat her breakfast again. Wanting another day to get lost along the Rio De Oro. Wishing to see another sunset on top of la montaña. All these little things made me realize this was a home I never knew I had all of my life. Created out of pure curiousity, love, and my passion for this art form. I unintentiaonlly created a collection of photos that represent how I discovered my home away from home.

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